Dear Students,

The University Council and the management of Cavendish-Uganda, in compliance with NCHE requirements and for academic quality improvements, has decided to re-structure the University and focus hard on ensuring that all of you as our students get quality education that prepares you for entrepreneurship and employment.

In order to do this, at the beginning of this year, as you already know, we corrected the length of your bachelors' degree from 2 years to the standard 3 years and restructured our academic programs to ensure that all new and continuing students will graduate only from fully accredited diploma and degree programs—this means that we have reduced the number of diploma and degree programs previously offered at CUU from 104 to only 43 --- and all the 43 are quality programs that are either already accredited or will soon be accredited.

This reduction in programs has been made in order to ensure that all our students receive an excellent and meaningful education and graduate with an accredited degree that will be accepted in Uganda and in other countries.

The reduction of programs has led our University to release many of our lecturers. Cavendish University Uganda, is very grateful to the exiting lecturers for their many years of service and contributions.

This process that our University is going through is called restructuring and it includes improving quality in many aspects of the University. We have set up a second campus near Acacia Mall, we have improved internet access, we have renovated our main campus on Ggaba Road and Kingsgate, and we are now moving towards teaching only accredited programs and providing you with excellent lecturers. When the next semester starts you will notice that all your lecturers will provide you with detailed and clear course guides that are aimed at facilitating your learning.

Prof. Koi- Muchira Tirima
Vice Chancellor