Dear Students, Parents, and Sponsors,

Thank you for your interest in Cavendish University. This is a wonderful institution that I am proud to lead. My priority is to ensure that our students' academic credentials are of the highest possible quality, and that our students understand that their futures are our top priority.

In keeping with the above, I have initiated several changes in the past few months. These changes are aimed squarely at improving the quality of the student experience at Cavendish, and they are also necessary in order to bring Cavendish University fully in line with guidelines set by the Ugandan regulator, the National Council for Higher Education.

I am very pleased with the attitude our students have displayed in the face of these sometimes difficult changes. They have been very understanding and appreciative of our efforts to ensure the quality of their degree, and I feel lucky to be leading an institution with such dedicated students. I wish to thank you for your continued and consistent support.

Understandably, these changes have also caused a certain amount of stress and confusion. Although we would have liked to proceed more cautiously with implementing these changes, our commitment is to adhere strictly to all regulatory requirements, so it was necessary to act swiftly. I nevertheless wish to apologize to you for any distress experienced as a result.

In an effort to help make the transition as smooth as possible, we have collected the most frequent questions brought about by the changes taking place and provided answers in the document you can access through the link below (FAQS).

Thank you again for choosing Cavendish and entrusting us with your future. We all take this responsibility very seriously, and we look forward to a very bright future for you and for Cavendish.

Prof. Koi Tirima